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15 Corny Dance Jokes to Brighten Your Day

Check out this list of fifteen of the cheesiest dance jokes out there. Tell them to your friends during stressful rehearsals, or just read them to yourself when you need a little dose of corny humor to get you through the day! You’ll totally laugh, and probably roll your eyes at some of them because of how ridiculously “punny” they are!


1. What advice did Yoda’s ballet teacher give him?

Tendu or tendu not, there is no try.


2. How does a dancer multiply a number by itself?

She jazz squares it!


3. What’s an owl’s favorite kind of dance?

The hooooooola!


4. What’s the best dance to pair with chips?



5. What kind of dancer is a fuzzy brown bear?

A contemporHAIRY dancer!


6. What classical ballet did the pig pen perform?

Swine Lake!


7. What’s the name of the popular dance tv show horses enjoy?

So You Think You Can Prance!


8. What’s a ballerina’s favorite number?



9. What do you call a ballet dancer who also can shoot 3’s on the basketball court?



10. Who was the genius inventor who solved all dancers’ hair problems?

Bob E. Pinns!


11. Who is the undersea monster who comes out in the winter and eats innocent almonds and pistachios?



12. What one item of clothing always makes a dancer late?

Her leoTARDY!


13. What did the hopeless dancer say when she felt burnt out one day?

What’s the pointe?!


14 .Who do you call when you need someone who studies astrophysics and can perform a series of high kicks in a line at Radio City Music Hall?

A Rockette scientist!


15. What’s a dinner roll’s favorite dance?



Emily Strickland is a professional ballet dancer and writer from Fredericksburg, Virginia. She is currently dancing with Nevada Ballet Theatre in Las Vegas, where she’s had the opportunity to perform ballets like The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake, as well as in a collaborative performance with Cirque du Soleil. Previously she was an artist at Columbia Classical Ballet and a trainee at Richmond Ballet, where she was the featured soloist in Connor Frain’s premiere piece “Inertia”. She has trained with Richmond Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Festival Ballet Providence, Nashville Ballet, and the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition, she is a ballet instructor at Avery Ballet.

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